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Medication Management

One of the most important facets of assisted living communities is accurate medication management.  Not only is our team of nurses and med techs expertly trained in management of medication, Peter Creek we are transitioning to a mobile medication management program that incorporates the real-time individual needs of each resident, ensuring instantaneous and accurate treatment of various conditions.  A state-of-the art electronic MARS (medication administration record and scheduling) system is critical to preventing dangerous over, under, or incorrect distribution of medication.

Because of the high level of nursing care and their interaction with the residents on a daily basis, we are able to monitor and quickly notice any changes in health status and notify physicians and families.  In addition, our nurses are available to help families coordinate outside home care or hospice services.

Discover the Excellence in Medication Management:
Where Safety Meets Personalized Care.

We warmly invite you to learn about our exceptional approach to medication management in assisted living – a key aspect of our community’s care. Our team of nurses and medical technicians are not just highly skilled in handling medications; they’re also deeply committed to each resident’s well-being.

We’re excited to share that we’re embracing a cutting-edge mobile medication management program. This innovative system is tailored to meet the real-time, individual needs of our residents, ensuring they receive the most accurate and immediate care for their conditions. Our advanced electronic MARS (medication administration record and scheduling) system plays a vital role in safely managing medications preventing any risks associated with over, under, or incorrect dosing.

Our nursing team’s daily interaction with residents places them in a unique position to closely monitor health changes. They’re quick to communicate any concerns to doctors and families, ensuring everyone is informed and involved in the resident’s health journey. Moreover, our nurses are here to assist families in coordinating additional care services, whether in-home support or hospice care.

We’re proud of the compassionate and comprehensive care we provide at Peters Creek, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about our medication management or other services.

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