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Meet the Staff

Behind every great retirement community is a loving and dedicated group of professional caregivers, nurses, administrators, and service staff. At Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living, we select staff who are dedicated to serving seniors. Our community is filled with well-trained, compassionate individuals who truly want to help people. Once on board, their professional skills are fine-tuned through training programs which teach the skills of implementing our mission, principles and high standard of care on a daily basis. This way they are able to provide our residents the attention and service they deserve.

Our team includes a full time executive director, director of nursing, activities director, chef, facilities director and caregivers, housekeepers and dining staff who work tirelessly to serve our residents daily.  

About Us

Our Core Convictions: Boldly Defined

More Than Just Living – Embracing a Life of Thriving

At Peters Creek Retirement Community, we hold a deep conviction in the vitality of the human spirit. We understand that every individual – regardless of their background, appearance, beliefs, affections, abilities, or age – is deserving of a life brimming with purpose, endless possibilities, and pure joy. For over three decades, our mission has been to revolutionize senior living, crafting exceptional, forward-thinking communities where individuals don’t just live but truly thrive. Here, the human spirit is celebrated and nurtured.

At Peters Creek, we champion the freedom to embrace life as you define it. Whether it’s embarking on an exhilarating adventure, getting lost in a captivating book, enjoying music in your unique way, indulging in tranquil morning meditations, learning something new at our engaging classes, or sharing laughter and stories with friends – it’s all about your choice, your way. And if what you seek doesn’t exist yet, we’re committed to making it happen.

Our approach challenges and redefines the traditional notions of ‘senior living.’ Beyond delivering outstanding care and service expected from a leader in our field, we offer award-winning culinary experiences crafted by top-notch chefs and hospitality experts. Our communities are more than just aesthetically pleasing spaces; they are homes designed to inspire a desire to live and enjoy every moment.

Our secret? It’s our people. A team that shares our vision and passion, who come to work every day driven by authenticity, optimism, and the gift of inspiring others to achieve the unimaginable. They place our residents at the heart of everything, fostering an environment of mutual respect, kindness, and, yes, love – elements that are essential to nurturing the human spirit. At Peters Creek, we don’t just offer a place to stay; we offer a vibrant community where life is cherished, celebrated, and always full of possibilities.

Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living is designed with the individual in mind. We know that each resident has a unique vision of what independent living looks like. That is why our residents personalize their homes, choose from a variety of activities in which to participate, and even choose from an amazing array of delicious meal options. All of our exceptional services are available to our independent residents.

Independent living means enjoying the benefits of living freely in your Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living home while maintenance, cleaning, laundry, and other services are provided by the Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living staff. Our goal is to maximize quality of life for all our residents, which allows those who are able to live independently to truly enjoy all the Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living community has to offer.

Often seniors who are retired and are looking into independent living options do not want to move away from their community of friends and regular destinations. One thing that sets Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living apart is its proximity to the city. Less than a mile from downtown Redmond, our residents are only a short drive away from the entire Seattle metro area. Whether you drive or use our transportation services, you are only minutes away from all your favorite places.

We also recognize that needs change over time, which is why we offer a continuum of care for our residents. As residents’ needs increase, our nurses will consult with you to provide a personalized level of care. Visit our Assisted Living page for more information on personalized care at Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living

We're Hiring!

Peters Creek is looking for experienced Certified Nurses Assistants, RNs and other caring, skilled employees.  We offer benefits, flexible hours, competitive pay, and an AMAZING work environment!

If this describes you, please send your resume to for review. Thank you for your interest in this great community!