Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living

Respite Care in Redmond, WA

Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living is often able to provide respite care for those who require only a temporary or short-term stay. Our respite care residents receive the same outstanding care and attention as our long term residents but are billed at a daily rate, according to the duration of residency.

There are many reasons why respite care at Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living may be a good decision for a family member or home caregiver. Perhaps the family or caregiver will be unavailable because they are traveling or have health concerns. It is also possible that a loved one needs extra attention for a short period of time because of temporary health setbacks. Perhaps you have considered a hospital for respite care, but the cost is prohibitive. These are all excellent reasons to consider Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living as an option for respite care.

Our highly trained and caring nurses and caregivers will create a welcoming home, even if the stay is only for a few weeks. Our high level of service and dining could be refreshing to the home caregiver and the resident at the same time. If you have questions about respite care, please contact us at Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living. Our friendly caregivers and nurses are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our mission is to provide a caring home for not only our long term residents, but our short term residents and their families.

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