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Assisted Living

Assisted living is Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living’s specialty. Most of our residents require assistance with daily activities. Our caring, trained staff work with each resident on a personal level to make sure all their needs are met in a timely manner.

As an affordable option to nursing homes or transitional care, Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living has the resources to assist with medication, provide laundry service, shower and dressing assistance, transportation, incontinence care and more. Each of our assisted living residents consults with our nursing staff to ensure the ideal level of care at the most competitive price.

Even though we offer a level of care comparable to nursing homes, what sets Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living apart is the feeling of being at home among friends and neighbors. Our residents receive the care they need without the institutional feel of a hospital. However, we are located close to medical centers, including Overlake and Evergreen Hospitals, if an urgent need arises.

If you are considering options for your loved one, Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living offers the very best in assisted living.


You’re Independence Our Caring Support

Envision a lifestyle at Peters Creek where freedom and choice are yours, coupled with the reassurance of available assistance whenever needed. Our Assisted Living program perfectly balances independent living and supportive care. It’s a place where life’s joys are celebrated in a community of friends who embrace and appreciate you for who you are.

Our residences in Assisted Living are more than just comfortable; they are adorned with high-end design elements in every layout.

Enjoy unlimited access to a wide array of amenities at Peters Creek, ranging from engaging programs and exciting excursions to invigorating fitness sessions and relaxing spa treatments. It’s an opportunity to explore new hobbies or rekindle old passions.

Peters Creek offers the life you’ve always wanted, supported by the high-quality care you deserve. Welcome to life at Peters Creek.

Affordable Pricing

Assisted living

Starts from
$ 3,295

Compassionate Care - Enriching Lifestyles.

At Peters Creek, the monthly service fee opens the door to a life of elegance and fulfillment, where personalized care is delivered by skilled professionals available around the clock in a secure and nurturing environment. 

This fee also encompasses a range of exclusive offerings, holistic wellness activities, extraordinary excursions, plus regular housekeeping and maintenance services. Comprehensive move-in coordination, transportation services, and more further enhance the Peters Creek experience.

Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living is designed with the individual in mind. We know that each resident has a unique vision of what independent living looks like. That is why our residents personalize their homes, choose from a variety of activities in which to participate, and even choose from an amazing array of delicious meal options. All of our exceptional services are available to our independent residents.

Independent living means enjoying the benefits of living freely in your Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living home while maintenance, cleaning, laundry, and other services are provided by the Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living staff. Our goal is to maximize quality of life for all our residents, which allows those who are able to live independently to truly enjoy all the Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living community has to offer.

Often seniors who are retired and are looking into independent living options do not want to move away from their community of friends and regular destinations. One thing that sets Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living apart is its proximity to the city. Less than a mile from downtown Redmond, our residents are only a short drive away from the entire Seattle metro area. Whether you drive or use our transportation services, you are only minutes away from all your favorite places.

We also recognize that needs change over time, which is why we offer a continuum of care for our residents. As residents’ needs increase, our nurses will consult with you to provide a personalized level of care. Visit our Assisted Living page for more information on personalized care at Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living

Living Choices

Independent Living
Independent Living in retirement is a celebration of freedom and self-reliance, offering a vibrant and liberating lifestyle tailored to those who wish to make the most of their golden years.
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Assisted Living
Assisted Living brings a delightful blend of support and independence, creating a vibrant atmosphere where every day is filled with joy and new adventures. It's a place where you can enjoy the company of friends at social gatherings, explore a variety of engaging activities, and relish in the comfort of personalized care from highly-trained, compassionate nurses and caregivers.
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Memory Care
Memory Care Living offers a heartwarming and stimulating environment tailor-made to enrich the lives of its residents. Each day is a journey filled with activities designed to spark joy and memories. Every moment is an opportunity for connection, warmth, and delightful discovery, making each day a meaningful and enjoyable experience.
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Respite Care
At Peters Creek, Respite Care is a refreshing and enjoyable retreat. Here, guests can indulge in a variety of fun activities, from creative arts and crafts sessions to lively social gatherings and outdoor excursions. The atmosphere buzzes with energy and laughter, offering a welcoming break for both caregivers and their loved ones.
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