Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Redmond, WA

Assisted living is Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living’s specialty. Most of our residents require assistance with daily activities. Our caring, trained staff work with each resident on a personal level to make sure all their needs are met in a timely manner.

As an affordable option to nursing homes or transitional care, Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living has the resources to assist with medication, provide laundry service, shower and dressing assistance, transportation, incontinence care and more. Each of our assisted living residents consults with our nursing staff to ensure the ideal level of care at the most competitive price.

Even though we offer a level of care comparable to nursing homes, what sets Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living apart is the feeling of being at home among friends and neighbors. Our residents receive the care they need without the institutional feel of a hospital. However, we are located close to medical centers, including Overlake and Evergreen Hospitals, if an urgent need arises.

If you are considering options for your loved one, Peters Creek Retirement & Assisted Living offers the very best in assisted living.

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